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          Once upon a time in the small village of Calgary there was a school. It was a small school run by a nun named Jezebel and a priest named Mark. Their students aged 7 to 14 were taught well under their direction. After years of running the school together Jezebel and Mark fell in love. They wanted to be together and yearned for each other’s touch. However having made oaths to God they could not be together. Disillusioned by her lust Jezebel made a pact with the prince of darkness, Lucifer. A pact where she could be with Mark forever. This new pact meant a sacrifice involving the blood of innocents.


          One day she had it all prepared. The students arrived for class one by one. As they started working on their arithmetic Jezebel slowly made her way outside. Once outside she chained the doors shut and poured lantern oil over the front of the school. She stood back and pulled out a single match, lit it and threw it at the oil igniting it. The old school burned quickly. The children inside panicked at the sight and smell of the smoke. The roar of the fire could be heard as it made its way inside. As the school burned you could hear the children scream as they banged their hands against the windows in futility.


          After the smoke cleared Jezebel and her lover were never seen again. Years later those who visit the site could hear children laughing, crying and beating their hands against the glass of the windows. Reminders of their unfortunate fate on the land now known as Devils Playground.

Did a school really burn down on the outskirts of the city? We intend to find out. Stay tuned for more developments!

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